KillerStartups – Find Great Places to Hike

TrailBehind.comTrailBehind aggregates geo-data, trip reports, and photos from the internet to create a continuous map that lets people explore and plan trips in forests, parks, and even cities. The map also has a social layer that lets people post comments, reports, links, and upload geo-data to help improve the map.

Founded by avid outdoor explorers, this company’s team spends a lot of time online looking for places to go and how to get there. This seems to be a unique website that gives you the information you need to go camping, hiking, backpacking, biking, etc. As it stands, maps are expensive and information is hard to find, but this company aims to change that

Today, you have to go to various regional websites to get trail reports, buy maps from someone like Garmin or, go to a separate website to get weather data, and go to a park website to get information on rules and regulations. To solve this problem, TrailBehind is a continuous map that aggregates this information, indexes useful sites on the internet by location, and helps you find and plan trips.

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