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Traffiq.Com – Internet Traffic Exchange

Traffiq.ComThe vision of Traffiq is an efficient, open, and value-driven marketplace, directly connecting buyers and sellers for optimized ad yield and maximum return on investment. Its Web-based trading platform was recently opened to all buyers and sellers of online media, with leading publishers, advertisers, and agencies already on board.


Its unique transaction model offers searchable blocks of inventory auctioned days, weeks, or even month in advanced. Sellers can segment, bundle, and list their traffic according to highly targeted premium and niche attributes. Buyers can quickly find precise matches for premium and long-tail inventory, while taking advantage of the complete transparency of all transactions to ensure appropriate context and placement. Traffiq is a privately held company, which has its bases in New York City and with offices in McLean, VA. At the main page you can find different sections including Publisher inventory listings, Buyer requests, Company news, and why sell and buy ads through Traffiq. Traffiq.Com


Author : Pat Gregson

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