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Tradingnews.comForex is synonym of Foreign Exhange or Currency Exchange Market, and what this site does is to present in one same site all the information related to this business area, that is: all the real-time indexes, figures and data that brokers and traders need, which is why the site takes a bit to load, so take into account that numbers are changing all the time. The homepage features a series of tables and charts, and each time there is a variation in any of these, they turn on a red or green light indicating growth or fall, plus the changed figures remain highlighted in red or green until there is a change in the information displayed on that board.

The site works by presenting three formats of information: first one is news, just like those you read on the moving marquees when watching the news on TV: “European stocks ready, Capgemini surges”; second type is analysis, which presents quick synthesis of the behavior of any financial tool or index, working as something of an impression-based trend spotter: “Oko Bank Plc-A: under pressure below 14.4”. Last but not least are prices of currency (the site is US based, so everything translates into dollars), FTSE 100, Oil price, etc. What is really interesting about this site is that by registering (which is free, by the way) users can create their own dashboards, that is, they can make the site present any information or index they need, provided it belongs to the Forex market, and they can find it by typing the name of the index or financial instrument or it’s RIC (a ticker-like code used by Reuters to identify financial instruments and indices, like .DJI for Dow Jones Industrial Average, .IXIC for NASDAQ Composite Index or .SPX for S&P 500); unlike similar sites, users of can take a look at the historical value of each financial instrument, both for several years ago, for yesterday’s noon or for today’s morning. In Their Own Words

“Trading News is a new financial tool, fully scalable, encompassing all the features usually spread over various economic portals”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Financial advisors and traders will probably feel delighted to hear about this unified information source, as they can fully customize it to fit their needs and desires, and thus can rapidly scale to become a fundamental aid for the financial industry, and since the site comes in several languages, like French, Italian, German and Spanish, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see this site become a killer startup in the near future.

Some Questions About

Information and trust, we are massively instructed by banks and financial advertising, is a financial institution’s primary asset. It seems strongly surprising that there is no direct information on the funding for this site. After looking around you see a small print link redirecting to, and see that it is this institution that is providing support for To pay for such a sophisticated information tool seems like a great advertising opportunity, but one that is not exploited, and one feels a bit inclined to wonder why…