KillerStartups – Conserve And Enjoy The Land

TPL.orgThis online site offers plenty of information related to the Trust for Public Land, a national, non-profit land conservation organization. They aim to conserve land for people to enjoy them, including parks, community gardens, historic sites, rural lands and other natural places.

This site includes data about their mission statement as well as their working practices. You will be able to search for these lands by their region, where you will view images related to these areas. For those interested in supporting this organization, the site includes a section where you can donate money to help them. You will also find posted stories and testimonials of those who want to write their personal opinions towards the Trust for Public Land. Visitors will also find a newsroom where they will be able to obtain updated news related to this organization. You can also search for jobs where you will find a detailed description of the position, responsibilities as well as the experience, education and skills required. Visit this site and participate in this organization to conserve natural places.

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