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TownsendPress.comTownsend Press is dedicated to publish affordable learning textbooks and to promote reading. The textbooks are dedicated to help students learn and really grasp the language skills required for success.


Townsend Press has designed several activities to promote reading, like publishing a library of $ 1 paperbacks, promoting and sponsoring scholarship contests, distributing motivational posters, and donating books for schools and community organizations. The selection of texts is stunning and covers all the different grade levels. There are series of textbooks that guide the student step-by-step in how to acquire reading expertise. These texts can be used sequential or independently. At, teachers that have adopted these textbooks in class can find resources to help them in their teaching activities as instructor’s manuals, instructor’s editions and online exercises. The Online Learning Center has hundreds of interactive exercises, mastery tests, individual and class score recording and much more and all free.
Your visit to may turn to be the educational experience you have been looking for.


Author : Mery Fisher

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