KillerStartups – The Total War Series

Totalwar.comThe Total War line of game is made up of strategy games set in different ages. For instance, there are versions set in medieval times, in ancient Japan, and in the days of the Roman Empire.

The player can join the faction he desires, and battle his way through a campaign mode. Of course, each edition has some peculiarities that sets it apart from the rest. For example, in the Medieval II release the player has the option of siding with the Pope, or to turn against him, whereas in the Total War: Shogun game it is possible to re-enact historical battles. The site features a “Downloads” link that directs to wallpapers, screensavers, and a demo version that lets those interested try out the game beforehand. Likewise, tools and mods that enable the user to modify various game aspects can be downloaded. For example, it is possible to download the model and animation exporter used by the programmers, and export customized units, props and map models from other games in the series. Expansion packs are also available for download at the website. The site includes a forums and community section, and there is a newsletter the player can subscribe for.

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