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Topeka.orgFor everyone who lives in Kansas, there is


This is the official site of the state’s capital city, on which you will be able to find a wide variety of services. Residents of Topeka will be able to go over the city’s building code. This should be useful to anyone that is building a home or business and wants to stay within the code in order to avoid hefty fines. The City Government section is where you will be able to find out what your elected officials have been up to. This will allow you to know what your tax dollars are being assigned to. To anyone that is new to Topeka, the Community section is a must. There, you will be able to find out about many events taking place throughout the city. The Departments section will allow you to find the sites for the city’s most important service departments. Over all, the site provides residents of Topeka with a great one-stop resource of information on their city.


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