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TommyBahama.comWith such an exotic tagline to the brand, one would expect no less than Carmen Miranda in full fruity attire, but instead of that, when entering the site one is presented with a very nicely animated site filled with stunning and peaceful views of paradisiacal beaches and people in clothes and situations which scream ‘casual’ at the onlooker (on second thought, being casual is all about not screaming). Tommy Bahama is the kind of apparel brand that sells mainly a concept –casual lifestyle—, and provides you with apparel, clothes and home décor to furnish it, much in a way someone would use arguments to hold a viewpoint.


So, by visiting the site, users will be able to take a look at the catalogue of apparel and accessories for men and women, by browsing the kind of item you are looking for or, better, by taking a look at the collections in order to discover preset lines of shirts and matching pants and accessories. But the eCommerce section is definitely not where the fun is: located to the left in the browser you’ll find a section called ‘Paradise Nation’, where you can read travel guides for remote islands in Greece, find things to do in southern Italy, take a look at image galleries of these and other destinations (which can be downloaded to use as wallpaper), take a look at great recipes for dishes and drinks, or even find packing lists. Since Tommy Bahama also has an international chain of cafes adjoining some of their stores, you can use the site to find out what’s the closest to your home or destination, and you can do your reservations online as well.


Author : Steve Dixon

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