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TogFrog.comA Danish startup, TogFrog gathers together adventure travel activities from all over the world. These are spotlighted on a map showing you where they are located as well as information from people who have already tried them.


These adventures are not really for the faint-hearted, as they include driving military vehicles such as tanks and jet fighters, shooting an AK47 and even diving with crocodiles. I would say they would satisfy the James Bond wanna-bes out there best of all.

The fact that maps are provided is a good one since it will let you see what is available in any destination you find yourself into at a mere glance. In actuality, the site has more than 40 different categories, so it is not much of a stretch to say that it will provide a unique experience for everybody who is feeling adventuresome enough. If that happens to describe how you are feeling right now, paying the site a visit would not go amiss. And if you are someone who is into more pacific activities, this could be a good chance to broaden your mind. In Their Own Words

“Our mission is: “In an Informative way to visualize all the thrilling and inspiring activities on the planet for everyone” We differentiate our concept by having focus on relevant content and define high quality content as something our users can use and like – not just entertaining in HQ videos. This combined with a geographical knowledge on where our activities are located. We would like to provide our users with the opportunity to learn about experiences they might not have stumbled upon otherwise – something new and fun the next time they are out traveling the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact the site is user-fueled means you will not choose an activity based on a flyer or other static ad – instead, you will have actual input to weigh up. And since over 40 categories are displayed, you are bound to find something suitable for you in here.

Some Questions About

Are there fees to be paid for using the site?


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