KillerStartups – Tipton County Public Schools

Tipton-county.comThe Public School district for Tipton County can be found online at

The services provided by Tipton County Schools include pre-kindergarten, career technical education programs, and advanced placement courses. Services that cater for exceptional children are likewise provided, alongside an adult learning center. The “School Zone” section provides guidance to parents that are weighing up which school should their children attend. Programs in each specific school are detailed within that particular school’s website. Other resources that are available on the Tipton County Schools website include a calendar of activities and events, as well as a section which goes by the name of “School Health”, highlighting a program which aims to improve attendance, increase participation in physical fitness activities, and lower rates in teenage pregnancy. In addition to that, a section which goes by he name of “Resources” provides support to parent, students and teachers. For instance, parents can find guidance on Internet sites for research activities, as well as ways to improve their involvement in their children’s education.

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