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– TipsInfinity is a place where Tips are contributed by and shared among our community of members who come from many different parts of the world, and its primary goal is to better your life as much as possible, and in as many ways as possible. TipsInfinity firmly believes you have the power to make the lives of many people better than they are now, because of the knowledge you possess.

You can easily share your knowledge through submission of your Tips and they will be seen by many people throughout the world. The term “Infinity” in “TipsInfinity” refers to the fact that your knowledge will last indefinitely through time here and also due to your generous knowledge contributions, the number of Tips here will grow to a very huge number! Last but not least, our members come from many different parts of the world, so your valuable knowledge will reach every corner of the world!

– Everybody, including yourself, has lots of knowledge to share, be it about relationships, hobbies, or anything that will better the lives of others. When you submit your excellent Tips, you’ll have the satisfaction & sense of achievement of seeing your Tips being read & appreciated by people out there!

– You can vote on the Tips submitted by others, by clicking on Nod It (voting for it) or Shake It (voting against it). This will ensure that the best Tips will top the Popular list, while the worst ones will be pushed all the way to the bottom.

– As a registered member, you can comment on any Tip: what your feedback, thoughts, etc are.

– TipsInfinity has a fun system where the tPoints (short for tipsInifnity Points) you earn by submitting new Tips (20 tPoints for every Tip) & referring friends (1 tPoint for every friend), will earn you promotions in your Rank.

– TipsInfinity is running a Sweepstakes which is open to members from any country in the world!

Why It Might Be A Killer

– TipsInfinity has all of the tips clearly organized. You can easily navigate through all of the categories to find information on the topics that interest you, and even drill down to specific sub-categories. There are already many helpful tips from worldwide members, and TipsInfinity is a site that has only user generated content and the community checks the site to ensure that the content is relevant. You can always learn more and TipsInfinity is a great source for tips.

– What rocks is that TipsInfinity has a fun system that keeps track of your contributions, be it sharing tips with the whole world, or referring your friends to come and share their knowledge too. tPoints (tipsInfinity Points) are used to keep score, and you’ll be promoted in Rank once you reach the next level.

– TipsInfinity is unique in emphasizing that its target audience is the whole world, and even their Sweepstakes is open to all countries, not just a specific country like most other Sweepstakes. With the whole world sharing their knowledge, the world will become a better place for you and everyone else!