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TimelessTruths.orgTimelesstruths.org is Timeless Truth homepage; a free online library which provide resources such as the Bible, magazines, books, sheet music, recorded audio and more.

The aim of this site is to provide those who love God with different resources and features in order to address the concerns of the ones who wish to inquire about the Bible. You should navigate this site having in mind that, in order to provide as much information as possible they have included works that may contain errors. Each of the texts offered include a brief description for you to have an idea of what they are all about. Check the recent texts sections to see which the freshest texts available are. The music categories contain descriptions as well, and once you click on them you get the lists of the songs offered. Apart from the lyrics, you will have the possibility of listening to the song you choose and view their respective sheet music. TimelessTruths.org