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TimeCamp.Com – Know Your Time

TimeCamp.ComThis tool resembles a history book or Google analytics, but it works with people’s time.


This solution was created in order to increase team productivity, as well as to eliminate ‘time killers’, and get more done staying focused.

If you have a company and you are worries about your employees productivity now you can relax, and increase your company’s productivity.

If you want to track the time your group members spend each week, each day, and each hour you can do it with this new solution.

Additionally, you will be able to set realistic productivity goals, stopping procrastination in order to evaluate the group’s performance.

In this way you will also help the workers who really want to be effective by having an effective time management tool.

Now you can analyze productivity through very powerful graphical reports, so you can also get to know previous unnoticeable third variables that could be going against your employees’ productivity.

This is a very easy to use service that provides you with innovative software that will help you to monitor computer activities and monitor employees.



Author : Charly Zaks

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