Timduru.org – The Lion King II Fan Site

Timduru.orgGuilty pleasure or naïf inclination, we all have a favorite Disney movie, and if yours happens to be The Lion King II, visiting Timduru.org will really pay off.

This fan site is entirely devoted to collecting and putting together general information and resources linked to the Lion King II movie; though the site is not state-of-the-art in terms of design and the content is updated every once in a while, it still is a good source for pictures and fan art, as well as original scripts, information on CDs and even pictures and videos of furs suits of The Lion King’s characters. Unlike other fan sites, this one does present some videos, trailers and a comprehensive image gallery, which is free for right-click download. I was quite shocked not to find any shop on the site, as it seems quite obvious that a great way to monetize this site would be to sell collectibles and memorabilia. Timduru.org