KillerStartups – Serving American Sawyers is the site of the oldest manufacturer of TimberKing sawmills, long been one of the most innovative forces in the portable band mill market; this manufacturer has been the first portable mill company to introduce hydraulic chain log turners, hydraulic vertical log stops, standard computer set-works and hydraulic roller toe boards.

Within this site you can learn about TimberKing’s history and see some of the sawmills and other products offered within sections, offering sawmills, blade systems, edgers, planer and molders, sharpening systems, all of these with warranty and guarantees. There is an accessory store section, where you can find all the TimberKing blades, sharpening systems and log handling accessories, by looking into all the special offers and models. If you have doubts or any question in mind, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions section, where there is information about TimberKing and you can even make your own; other sections are offered, with links and sections where you can find dealers and contacts to find about the products.

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