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The site features many interesting sections and links, including Tiki Central, Tiki Books, Exotica Music, and more. At the homepage you will find the most popular featured stuff, such as contests, artistic sections, audiovisual resources, and others. If you know what Tiki is, and want to post opinions, discuss, share your material, and access others’, you should enter Tiki Central Forums. There you will find a great community, which members are avid readers and discussers. By registering you will be able to access much information about Tiki, including events, travels, locations, music, and more. However, if you know nothing about what Tiki is, but want to discover this world, this site will provide you with all the resources you need to meet and love Tiki. Check the links at the homepage to get interesting information, pictures, videos, and news, and if that’s not enough for you, check the More Great Stuff section.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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