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ThisNation.comThe best way to describe this website would be as an endless resource and repository of information and historical documents related to American Government and its Politics. It is not about biting someone’s head off, that is why it is totally non-partisan information, there is no oriented political point of view which makes this website a very objective source of factual and informative states about American Politics.


What can be found at Overall information related to the Government, Federalism, Legislative, Judiciary, the US Constitution and interesting commentary on news and events. A well-equipped online library will answer most of your political questions or starve for historical documents, Supreme Court decisions, War messages, Foreign Policy statements, political Essays and speeches, Constitutions of other nations and even poems and songs, what a surprise for such a seriously cut website. The website has been several times recognized as Site of the Week, Best of the Web and even as “Incredibly Useful Site”, therefore do not miss to visit it regularly.


Author : Fred Inman

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