TheWorldsMostExpensiveLink – Promote Your Website

TheWorldsMostExpensiveLinkThis site works as a completely new and exclusive concept of self promoting many companies websites and services with a viral potential

By getting to use this site’s service, you will be able to earn micro commission payments and in that way you will raise money for your favourite charity.

If you want your site to be promoted, this could be an interesting way of not only doing that, but also getting to make money.

Your site will be promoted on a lot of websites, and many sites all across the world will receive these promotions by emails. The concept is very simple; the most people it participates at this website, the more people get to know your site or company.

The most positive thing about this system is that if you get it, each time other person becomes a member, he or she will see your link until at least 31st December 2010.

There is only a once off payment you need to make in order to be part of this convenient advertising method, and each time any other company or person becomes a member of, you will get a 50% of their payment.

Additionally, a 25% of the total income will be donated to Charity.