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Theworld.orgNow that we are living in a globalize world there is no excuse to be uninformed; you are only a “click” distance to information sources. At theworld.


org you will access to all kinds of information from all over the planet. The service they offer is provided by BBC news. On the main page of the web site there are several links, such as: latest edition, global hit, geo quiz, topics, featured stories, podcasts, RSS, blogs, multimedia, stations, etc. In addition, there is a link designated to on line extras that includes music heard on air, Tom Ferton’s journal, the world widgets, and support the world. Among the topics you can find information on, there is the environment, health, AIDS, immigration, technology, the world in words, featured books, and world books. Today’s featured stories are: Boot camp, China earthquake, into the Amazon, Zimbawe coverage, etc. The discussion you can participate in range from the Iraq war to national seciruty and lifestyle.


Author : Bill Webb

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