KillerStartups – Retro and Vintage Computers

Theoldcomputer.comThe old is a privately owned site that is dedicated to all aspects of retro computing, gaming, computer devices collecting in all areas, Old computers both business and home, consoles from Atari to Vectrex, handhelds like Grandstand and Mattell, ‘game and watch’ by Nintendo and all other old hardware and associated devices.

Magazines from the 1979 up to 1992 are also collected with a view to scanning them for the public to download. This website has been designed, developed and maintained for an actual computer freak or let’s say computer maniac and is the result of one true obsession for old computers, but it is well presented with some great background and interesting pictures from the old times, so please take a little time to browse through its pages. I would say it is a recommendable website for retro computing and retro gaming.

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