– That Freedom Shall Not Perish

TheNewAmerican.comIt’s increasingly hard to come across honesty these days, and there’s one of many good reasons to check this site out. The New American is a print magazine edited every two weeks covering diverse aspects of domestic politics and international policy, and some economic affairs as well, by presenting both informative and opinion articles of varying depth.

Take a look at this site to learn what the magazine’s editorial viewpoint is right from the start; if you are interested in these perspectives, go on to read the recent and past issues in full (directly from the web, happily), dating back to 1985, or purchase subscriptions for the paper copy. But it’s not just about information: it’s also about what you do with that information. The site provides several resources which readers will be able to find under the ‘Get Involved’ tag and which include petition signing, emailing the congress about critical affairs or becoming a member of the John Birch Society, which is ultimately responsible for the edition of The New American. Care to read more? Don’t miss the directory of related websites covering different topics from constitutional law to the Iraq war, and also a very comprehensive index of history and media sites.