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TheHindu.comThe Hindu is the online edition of India’s National Newspaper. The Hindu, started in 1878 as a weekly, became daily in 1889, and from then on has been steadily growing to the current circulation of thousands of copies and a readership of about four million readers.

The Hindu’s independent editorial stand and its reliable and balanced presentation of the news have over the years, won for it the serious attention and regard of the people who matter in India and abroad. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage, including News, Features, Specials, Stocks, Advts, and Archives. At the News category you will find state, national, and international news, opinion, business, sports, and miscellaneous news. The Features category includes Magazine, Literary Reviews, Education, Book Reviews, Cinema Plus, Property Plus, Quest, Open Page, Metro Plus, and other useful and entertaining categories.