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Theguidepublishers.comHow Qool are you? This is the homepage link to Qool Media Company, an Internet company specializing in domains, content, search and advertising. The company claims to always be looking for new opportunities, partners, and ideas to make exciting online projects.


Qool is a cutting-edge online media company defined by the usual job titles like traffic managers, programmers, editors and graphic designers. However, that is not enough to describe it; its staff features foosball champions and novices, fast food addicts and regular to-work bikers, vegetarians and meat-eaters, and even a few poker players. They claim to be on the web because they have identified a deficiency in the Internet advertising marketplace: organizations want to drive targeted traffic to their websites, but advertisers are not getting the right traffic or enough traffic. Plus, they’re spending too much for the traffic they are getting. As a solution, they offer a large portfolio of domains and experts in search, advertising, and content. The site provides the technology to make online advertising successful for all parties involved, including the end user.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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