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TheGuideDB.comThe Guide DB is nothing more and nothing less than a search portal giving you access to an enormous repository of guides on the World Wide Web. You can launch a search from the site concerning just anything that you want to learn, and the results will there and then be presented back to you.

Over 47,000,000 guides are actually included, and these come from sites as diverse as you can imagine. If it is an activity that interests even just a couple of people, it is bound to be covered and featured.

The search mechanism is not really very developed – as it stands, you can not specify the language that you want your results to be in, and you can not specify a minimum of maximum length for the guide either. You are, however, provided with a comprehensive number of related guides for each search that you carry out.

Besides, the main page highlights the most popular guides and the ones that have been added to the database more recently. Not that it makes the process of searching the site itself more dynamic, but at least it lets you have a more contextualized overall experience. In Their Own Words

“ is a Search Engine. Search millions of guides. Find your guide to any topic.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If there is anything you need to learn, a site like this one is more than likely to help you out.

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Where do the featured guides mainly come from?