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TheGoldenYears.orgAre you willing to know more details about the golden years of the movie’s industry? In this site you will be able to find almost everything related to the Golden Years. In the home page you will find the different sections such as “awards”, “actors”, “films”, “books” and “musicals” among others.


By selecting any of these you will be provided with the corresponding information, depending on the section you have selected. The site provides many pictures not only of the actors but also of the movies and musicals. Links to other sites are also available in case you want to keep navigating through the internet. Lists and charts are very common in the site and each time you click in an actress or director’s name, you will be directly linked to another site where you will be able to read specific information about that name you entered. So, if you are in need of knowing the winners in certain year, the actors of a certain movie or the directors of a musical under the Golden Years then you just need to visit and you will find all the information you need!


Author : Caroline Bright

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