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TheFurTrapper.Com – The Mountain Man Plains Indian

TheFurTrapper.ComThe Mountain Man Plains Indian Fur Trade website is to collect and share information on the Rocky Mountain fur trade that was conducted between the Mountain Man, the Plains Indian, and the fur traders of the United States and Canada. You can browse the website by its many categories located at the right hand side of the homepage.


Some of these categories are Bead Work, Grey Owl, Backrest, Wampum, Cooking Pot, Mountain Man, North West Token, Beaver Pelt, and much more. The various articles on the website are directed towards the effects of westward exploration to the Oregon Country. They are comprehensive articles with pictures and references. There is also an overview of the various articles. One of the purposes of writing the articles on this website is to have a place for an open discussion on controversial issues, the entire content is open to discussion, and all disagreements, or comments, will be posted at the bottom of the articles. TheFurTrapper.Com


Author : Pat Gregson

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