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TheFanlistings.orgThe Fanlistings is an organization that has been in charge of uniting fans since the year 2000. They work with online lists of fans of a specific subject, such as TV shows, actors, and musicians.


These lists are first created by an individual, and other fans from all around the world can join the group. This site works like an online directory of all these lists. The only thing you need to do to join one of these groups is submit your name and country. To start navigating through this site you need to take a look at the column that appears at the right side of your screen. There, you will find links that explain you how to create a fan list, how to join an already existing group, and many other important topics. This website works thanks to donations and advertising; if you want to collaborate with any of those two sources of income, you can get in touch with this organization. They have a very complete FAQ section that will answer all the questions you might have about the way of functioning of this web page.


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