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TheColoringSpot.comThe page itself is colorful, thus I am sure it will catch your attention right away. Enjoy yourself very much and get into full swing with this single super site for coloring pages, also known as colouring sheets or coloring printables.

Inside you will find a ton of high-quality coloring pages that are exclusive to this site in a number of themed categories, for instance cowboy stuff, dinosaurs, medieval, mythical just to mention a few of them, at least the ones that sound funnier to me. Definitely a site that can and should be visited by kids and the overall younger crowd mainly due to its collection of online coloring and click-to-color images of animals. Other free coloring pages get linked from this source if you do not find the coloring resource you were looking for in this particular place. For those 100% interested in the page you can keep up-to-date about new images if you subscribe via RSS or email. So, kiddo, click to color the animals, it is so much fun!