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TheBabyCorner.comExcept for instructions of how to do one, you’ll find the complete user/owner manual for a baby in this site. The Baby Corner is a community of parents who are seeking to conceive, already have and are expecting the birth of their child, or have only just given birth to a baby; they all join to find a wealth of informative articles and advice to help plan and enjoy pregnancy, and ease the first stages of infant care: features include a variety of very useful calculators which can help you decide on an exercise plan, determine your baby’s arrival date, or what the best time of the month for baby making is.


One of my favorites in the site is the pregnancy/baby calendar, which informs users on a weekly basis about the stages in pregnancy and child growth, and presents interesting ideas and initiatives to stimulate or educate. Also very attractive about the site is the shopping news, where users will be able to learn about novelty items, like cribs or hats for babies to keep the mom’s privacy. The site has a very strict editorial submission guideline, which in turn ensures that the content is very well written and interesting too, so if there’s anything you want to share with the site’s readers and kick start your freelance writer career, this could be the chance to do it. community is very active and welcomes moms and dads, together or separately, who can join to discuss a variety of personal, medical or parenting topics in the message boards.


Author : Steve Dixon

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