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Theaerodrome.comIf you want to have detailed information about the World War I, like the aces, aircrafts, medals, and so on, you should check out this site. At theaerodrome.


com you will find relevant data regarding the first big war; there are three charts containing aces, air services, and articles. The aces are military aviators and airmen that were designated to shoot the enemy’s aircraft. From the main page you can search for the top ten aces of World War I. On the left side of the web site there is a navigator bar that features books, guests, medals, links, as well as news. If you are looking for a specific air service, you can do the search by country. The air services you can find are from Australia, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and USA. The aircrafts have been classified by name, nation, year, serial number, and statistics.


Author : Bill Webb

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