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The Ultimate Social Sports Network

The site is 100% dedicated to sports. Users can upload their sports clips as a way to attract college scholarships or just to have fun.


SportsClips.TV also creates company created channels like HS Football, Extreme Sports, etc…. Users can upload and chooses the channels that they want their sports clips to appear in.

The company also has channels for strategc partners like NYC Sports Network and Iowa Sports Connection with more to follow.

Why The Ultimate Social Sports Network It Might Be A Killer

It will be a killer because its name says it all and it’s inclusive of all sports, on all levels and it has created partnerships that will give it constant relevant exposure throughout the U.S.

We will be completitng a partnership that will put SportsClips.TV on over 2,500 high school sports websites within 30 days.


Author : Caroline Bright

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