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THE NEW “PIXEL” MARKETPLACE! A Unique Contest Driven Web Site for Shoppers & Advertisers is an innovative new web site created to bring shopper and advertiser together for a mutually beneficial shopping experience.


A one stop site for shoppers, a unique venue for advertisers, and a place for sharing ideas and social networking, in addition to the inherent benefits of one stop shopping, visitors receive multiple chances to win, not only prizes, but a million dollars as well. The availability of convenient, easy to find shopping combined with huge prize opportunities is plenty of reason to visit regularly.

With ten million pixels of advertising space available for purchase, the race is on for vendors to fill the space quickly and attract the largest number of customers possible. Customers are motivated not only to purchase product but by the opportunity to win large cash prizes. Fantastic Benchmark prizes will be given out for each one million dollar pixels of advertising space filled with a grand prize when all ten million are complete. Shoppers will be vying for free gifts and cash prizes up to one million dollars.


As the shopping opportunities at grow, the visitor will find an increasingly wide array of products. Half the fun will be in watching the pixels fill and knowing that as they do the visitor and shopper will each be advancing toward the million dollar prize. In addition, a prize will be awarded each time one million pixels in advertising are sold. Regardless of whether or not a visitor makes a purchase, every click on an ad generates something for someone.

Visitors, who do not make a purchase, will still be entered with each click into a contest to win an iPod Touch when the first million dollar benchmark is achieved. Thirty such prizes will be awarded to the visitors. For those who make purchases, the stakes are higher. Every purchase enters the shopper into a contest for a $10,000 cash prize to be awarded at the million dollar benchmark and, even more spectacular, an entry for the ten million dollar prize to be awarded to one lucky shopper when all ten million pixels are sold.

This web site has also included a forum for visitors and shoppers. The forum will be whatever the participants want it to be. Visitors can share shopping tips, make new friends or meet up with old ones.


For as little as $100, an advertiser can purchase 100 pixels of space and step into this new shopping arena. At $1 per pixel it is an advertising bargain. Certain to generate business for the advertiser the site is guaranteed for three years. Therefore, the advertiser can be confident when purchasing pixels of a secure, ongoing, cost effective meant of advertising that will generate results.

Visitors are motivated to visit and purchase from the advertisers and there is no limit to the number of clicks allowed for the advertiser. Once the ten million pixels of advertising space are sold, cash prizes are awarded to members and shoppers. Winners are picked randomly from random sites assuring each advertiser the same exposure to shoppers. Each ad, regardless of the size, has the same opportunity to draw customers.

In addition, allows the advertiser to change ad copy, images or destination as they desire at any time and as often as necessary. This allows the advertiser to adjust and change their campaign to their changing needs. Unlike other online advertising venues customers are encouraged to visit and browse and are rewarded for returning to your site over time.

Why THE NEW “PIXEL” MARKETPLACE! A Unique Contest Driven Web Site for Shoppers & Advertisers It Might Be A Killer

Based on the concept of Million Dollar Homepage. This website has been improvise to benefit not only advertisers, but also visitors. With a million dollar shopper giveaway, it aims not only to benefit visitors and shoppers, but with the aim to also focus on bringing in quality traffic to our advertisers. It may be my very first start up, but I strongly believe that , given time and enough exposure, this site will become a killer site.


Author : Bill Webb

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