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TemplarHistory.comHere’s something different to do today: learn the true story of the Order of the Knights Templar, a holy order of medieval knights that fought in the Crusades, and that for some strange reason known only to Dan Brown, are connected to the most bewildering myths and conspiracy theories. If you believe in the latter, you’ll find a wide variety of resources to understand why you might be wrong, or to confirm what you think and deem this site a part of the conspiracy.


In any case, the site presents a detailed account of the apparition and fall of this order, alongside with transcriptions of some original documents, information on rituals and symbols, clothing and other interesting materials, like scholarly studies on the topic; interestingly enough, extensively covers all the myths and tales that have been created about and around this order of knights, so you can read the conspiracy theories and then articles explaining what’s wrong with them. If you care to read a bit more, you’re probably best advised to take a look at the book reviews, or even go on to purchase some of the eBooks available from the site. Other purchases are available, and range from costumes to shirts and mugs.


Author : Steve Dixon

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