search cancel – Like What You Drink And…“Drink What You Like” –that’s the end of the tagline, and it belongs to the US Beverage Testing Institute whose homepage users can visit at


In it you’ll discover a wealth of wine, beer and spirits reviews and tasting guides written in a tone that will make is easy for the most sophisticated chef and the most laidback wine lover to easily understand what to drink and not. There’s lots of interesting and useful resources to match the reviews, like the wine dictionary or the international index of producers where rankings of winemakers from around the world can be read. I found the food and wine matching guide to be of interest, as it allows users to find an appropriate wine by answering a simple three-step form where they indicate what the meal consists of. I was especially keen on the bit about beer, as it provides some interesting tips to bear in mind when shopping at your local spirits store, like packaging elements to watch out for or usual problems you might encounter in a poorly-conserved beer. The spirits area will also make a great read for anyone interested in knowing something about cocktails and the story of spirits, and also how to make some really good martinis.


Author : Steve Dixon

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