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TasteKid.comThink you’ve the taste of a cool hunter? Want to find some new cool to entertain yourself? There’s no end of sites dedicated to taste making, taste spotting and taste sharing. And TasteKid is a new one to add to the ever-growing list.


Like other similar sites, TasteKid provides recommendations based on your likes and interests. The twist? TasteKid has an actual mascot called Emmy, the TasteKid. Emmy is a little Romanian girl who will guide you along the site and provide book, music and movie recommendations for you. Currently Emmy has “read”, “seen” and “listened to” over 30,000 books, movies and songs, collectively. To use the site, just tell Emmy what you like and then click ‘Suggest’. Emmy will then respond with her recommendations which are an amalgam of your tastes and those of other users with similar tastes. Emmy learns to recommend more diverse things as more users come along and participate. Admittedly, Emmy is more music biased and will more likely recommend you a song or band even if you type in a book. But, this ought to change as more users come along and check Emmy out. In Their Own Words

“I am Emmy the Taste Kid and I currently live in Romania.

Although I’m young, I’m very much interested in music, movies and books. I’ve currently heard about 21,830 bands, some 12,720 movies and around 9,070 books.

I suggest similar or related music (mainly bands), movies (titles mostly, some directors and actors) and books, recommandations you might be interested in if you like what you tell me that you like :P Simply put, I can help you explore your taste ^^”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TasteKid is a truly cute site that puts a spin on the usual recommendation site fair by using a mascot as its arbiter and brain. The design is slick and clever and the recommendations are aimed at the MySpace/Facebook crowd which works.

Some Questions About

Will TasteKid catch on? Is it too cutesy for users? Will users like the suggestion results or be hampered by the lack of diversity?


Author : Bruce Turner

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