TakeOutTonight.com – Local Restaurant Finder

TakeOutTonight.comTakeOutTonight.com is a local restaurant finder, and it is very easy to use: just type in what kind of food you feel like eating (Italian, sushi, French, etc) and where in the US you live, and the site will produce a list of local restaurants that other users have rated as worthy to visit, together with map location and driving directions.

Some of the restaurants include their menus and daily specials as well. You can use this service just as if it were a restaurant search engine, or sign up and take advantage of some of the cool perks, like being able to manage a list of favorites, write reviews and receive coupons and discounts for local restaurants. A good feature about this site is that restaurant owners can list their restaurant and upload their full menus without charge, which in turn makes the service very comfortable and reliable. TakeOutTonight.com