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TaffyBox.comIf anybody didn’t know what on Earth a torrent was, he probably knows by now after all the headlines made by the Pirate Bay’s case. And if some of these newcomers want to get their hands on some legal torrents yet they have no idea how to set going, this will be a fitting site.


We could describe it quite competently as a browser-based search engine that makes for downloading any torrent file right on the spot. That’s it. No need to download a client like Halite and setting it up. You simply key in you search term, and if a legal torrent is available you will be capable of procuring it without batting an eyelid.

This is incredibly useful if only because people are reticent to install an application after the other, and most are particularly at sea when it comes to torrents. I became acquainted with the concept thanks to my older brother, so I know in the flesh that anything which acts as a sort of guide is a true stepping stone. And I have found this site a very, very suitable way of dipping your feet into the world of torrent files. It is practical and nurturing enough so as to motivate anybody to procure his first torrent client afterwards. In Their Own Words

“Search & download legal torrents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one takes the complications out of downloading torrents, and the whole experience couldn’t be more dynamic – just key in your query and away you go.

Some Questions About

How is the legality of files ensured?


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