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SylveterStallone.comYou may like him or not, but nobody can deny he will always be remembered as Rambo. Silvester Stallone has filmed lots of films in his large trajectory as an actor; many of them became history themselves. is the official web site of Sylvester Stallone; there you will find all the information related to him. If you’d like to know which are the most popular films he has ever filmed or what is he going to do next, check out this site. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on the top, such as: news, biography, filmography, chat, etc. Furthermore, there is a critics community where you can beware of the discussions about miscellaneous topics. Perhaps because of the roles he has have to play or just because he likes looking good, he has a great body. For keeping fit, he obviously works out; on the website you can access to nutrition and an exercise routine, for you to follow his steps.


Author : Bill Webb

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