KillerStartups – Integrated Content Portal is an integrated web portal that has been on the internet for over eight years.

Initially, it was aimed to provide its visitors with an array of entertainment contents through an easy to use navigational system. However, at the homepage visitors are obliged to choose from two options; the Utopia games and Earth: 2005 games. Both links will lead you to the game’s specific sections, where you’ll access all the information about them. Inside each section you will see a complete menu about each game, which includes rules, forums, announcements, and other interactive features. If you are new to these games, you should click the Guide button to get a game overview. Then, if you are interested in playing, you can create an account on the World of Legends Server. Both games will lead you to a world where reality and dreams come together, a world where the lowliest of peasants can become the world’s greatest heroes.

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