KillerStartups – Transgender Resources

Susans.orgSometimes it is not about choices but cruel jokes of nature that make someone feel trapped in a body that doesn’t feel right. That’s Susan’s case, she was born with the body of a male, but feeling herself as a real woman.

You can read her story which is really touching or browse the endless content of her website, overall an online journal about transgender. The countless articles that have been published through this site will definitely help many people find the light the needed to feel free and be what they always wanted to be. General and specific resources are available and you can find almost anything about transgender from medical sources, cosmetic surgeries, therapists and counseling, several print and online publications related to these issues, a complete and throughout guide covering sex reassignment surgery topics and some really moving personal experiences, from which you can learn more about discrimination, acceptance and basically a different voice from what we are accustomed in our society.

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