– DIY Survival Techniques

SurvivalistBoards.comThere’s no doubting the world is a crazy place, and though not everybody will agree on it, there’s lots of evidence to suggest that it might also be becoming a less secure place. There’s a myriad of options to deal with it, and survivalism is one of them: visit this site to find out what other people are doing in regard to disaster preparedness, food stocking, shelter building and skill learning to deal with the worst case scenarios ever.

Though some might think the material here is a bit farfetched, it’s also true that there are different levels of survivalism, and that most of the tips and advice you’ll be able to read in this site are simple sound strategies to keep safe, be a smarter shopper (they sum up the best deals of the week and insist on taking a look at recalled product lists, something the average consumer should and is probably not doing) or find the right defensive weapon. Powered by vBulletin, the site’s interface is comfortable, allows users to ‘thank’ interesting posts (an appreciative form of non-grade positive ratings, that is), embed videos and attach files, and also email individual posts or threads to friends (I am particularly keen on this feature). They are only starting to tag threads, which is a great initiative and hopefully one that will be successful with the community, as it is clear that there’s lots of people contributing material and opinion all the time, and that threads can deal with lots of topics which might not correspond with the name of the discussion board.