– Surviving in the Jungle

Survival.comIf planning an expedition to the Andean Cordillera of Chile in search of ancient Inca sites or if planning to visit a tribe in the Amazon jungle, you must learn, unless you already are an expert in survival, everything an amateur has to know to basically survive when surrounded by hostile living conditions. Survival.

com, official website of Hood Woods, has been offering the best survival information on the internet since his founder, Ron, grabbed the name of the site. Beyond the name there is much more. It described both a lifestyle and many years of studies. You can request a free catalog to picture an idea of what’s involved within the site. Lots of articles and reads about fish poisons, survival gear list, wilderness and a complete library containing survival kits, gear resources and overall, an outdoor school to feel what it will look like when you reach actually the jungle, the mountains or wherever you are planning to trip. I found their videos really entertaining and furthermore, exciting. If you like challenges, especially those that don’t involve mind quizzes but struggling for your life, I can’t think of a better website for that.