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SurplusComputers.comWhether you are looking for a new computer, or just for a webcam to plug into it, can be of great help, a Silicon Valley-based eCommerce retailer of PCs, peripherals, PDA accessories, software and other miscellaneous consumer electronics both for home and office needs.


The site’s design is very nicely and the information on the products on offer is ultra basic, so you should better do some extensive Googling on the item you are planning to buy before heading for If you are looking for the latest software or hardware releases, you might find them here, though they seem to be a preferred dealer of slightly outdated hardware, so if you are still clinging to the past (or your office is), this site can come in handy to get around used and new stuff you’d probably have a hard time finding somewhere else, with a good plus: the price tags on the items are very reasonable and competitive as well. If you are running on a restricted budget, take a look at the clearance area, or the ‘$5 and under’ section to find some nice discounts on a very wide selection of items. Though ships overseas, they only do so in the case of quite large orders, which is a bit of a problem, as most of its competitors are offering this service to international customers.


Author : Steve Dixon

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