KillerStartups – The Best Cocktails Recipes is one of the largest online repository of cocktail recipes.

If you like to prepare drinks here you will find a wide selection of them. What is more, at the site you will find instructions as well as great tips to prepera cocktails. Moreover, if you want to become a bartender then at this site you will get great lessons and tips. Some of the features that you will find at the site for your bartending lessons are Firefox/IE7 cocktail search engine, bartending guide and cocktail recipe pages, you will be able to search cocktails by ingredients, name or category, recipe submission, the chance to create your own list of favorite drinks, bartending glossary. So now you can prepare your own drinks to amaze your friends at parties. Some of the most popular drinks are mojito, margarita, white russian, caipirinha, pina colada, mint julep, daiquiri, fruit sangria, bloody mary, long island iced tea and sidecar. So if you want to get those recipes then check out this site.

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