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SummitMarketing.comSummit Marketing is a marketing firm founded in 1996 that aims to provide its clients with comprehensive solutions and products for every step of the way, from design and branding to direct marketing strategies and fundraising needs. At the site, users will be able to explore the diverse range of services this company has to offer, and take a look at some of the case studies, to learn what the company has done for government and private companies, like United Airlines, Kellogg’s, The US Army or the American Red Cross, and notice the scope and savvy of the marketing campaigns, some of which are well known and ongoing for a long time.

If you are already familiar with this company and want to hire them, browse the ‘Contact’ tag to find out about the company’s locations across the US, or take a look at the job openings are to check if there are any jobs in your area you might be interested in applying to.