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The recurrent problem with craft and knitting supplies sites is that their design tends to be sloppy and rather boring;, despite an incredibly inauspicious URL, has managed to come up with a site that’s nicely designed and has some attractive features to it.

For instance, you can start navigating the site by kind of Lily yard you came looking for or by kind of pattern: the site is nicely designed with adequately sized and lighted pictures where you can take a close look at the kind of featured project; also interesting is that in the grid where all the projects are listed, an easy graph shows users the required skill level to complete any project, so if these are your first times with knitting or crotchet, can help you find some interesting things to do. You’re probably best advised to create a free account on the site, in as much as most of the patterns and freebies are allowed for members only, and will be downloadable as PDFs. One of the many nice things you can find on this site is the yarn switcher, which allows you to find a thread based on specific needs and likes. Unfortunately, users can’t buy thread or pattern books directly from the site, though a retail locator will allow them to find an online or offline shop carrying Lily products.