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Sugarbane.comOne of the most important features of the internet is its democratic aspect, since anyone can make its own personal website and give it any content. In this case, be careful: Sugarbane.


com is an enchanted web, and nobody know what mysteries are hidden behind pictures, texts, and links. This is Tanis’ personal website, and here you will find averything about her, including personal thoughts, dreams, projects, and pursuits. Here you can discover more about who she is and who she desires to be. At the homepage you will find a welcome message of her, and below there are links to pages about Tanis’ family, her hobbies, her interests and her faith. You will also fin the links that will lead you to all the site’s sections, including Tanis’ biography, opossums, a guestbook, and more. This person has a lot to say about herself, so you will get out from this site with a clear idea of who she is, and why did she decided to develop such a self-based project.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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