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Stumpedia.comStumpedia is a human powered search engine. It takes a democratic approach to indexing and organizing the web, relying on its community members—the people, not bots —to provide relevance and ranking.


It’s not influenced by commercial nor vested interests, and it’s free of proprietary algorithms. How it works: sign up and submit a keyword, adding related URLs (bookmarks, social sites, blogs, etc. The Stumpedia community then votes on the sites, determining relevance. Every submitted site details when it was submitted, by whom, and associated keywords. There’s a forum for newcomers to get acquainted with the concept and ask questions. On the homepage, you’ll find a list of the most recent activity, displaying the latest search terms to be submitted. In Their Own Words

“ is a social search engine that relies on human
participation to index, organize, and review the world wide web.
Submit links to your social bookmarks, social profiles, blogs, news stories, authoritative articles, videos, images, and web pages that will help improve relevant searches. Share your knowledge and interests with the world and help people search and surf the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Stumpedia offers a more transparent and democratic approach to internet search. Unlike Google etc, this means no arbitrary rankings or biases based on commercial concerns. It’s a welcome alternative, which puts 2.0 features to the forefront.

Some Questions About

What’s to stop spammers from stuffing keywords from A-Z? How will tagging abuse be prevented? As a result of keywords being associated with spam, some members won’t want to submit and vote, therefore, the democratic nature of the engine will essentially be nulled.


Author : Siri Marshall

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