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StrangeUSA.comSuspend skepticism and full throttle rationalism for a while and visit this site to find some supposedly real-life stories about haunted houses, ghost towns, and UFO sightings, reported by people who have been witnesses, or have some trustworthy tip on strange things happening in any area of the US. Since the site targets investigators and curious people who want to see/check for themselves the posted claims, there are lots of albeit basic, very convenient search features, like the fact that you can search for unusual happenings by state, of by kind of ‘phenomenon’.


Some of the posts include pictures and others don’t, but all of them include Google maps to make it easier to plan your field trip. Users can rate locations, upload any photos they have and, of course, comment on their experiences. Since the site allows users to generate profiles and contact each other, it seems that expeditions form very frequently. In any case, the site seems to be very active, and since all suggestions and submissions are welcome, I reckon it can be of great interest not only for researches of the strange, but also for those interested in folk tales and popular culture, who’ll find a huge collection of sources which are waiting there to be analyzed.


Author : Steve Dixon

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