search cancel – Anti NAU Website – Anti NAU is an American website that opposes to the North American Union (NAU).


In case you didn’t know, the North American Union is a theoretical regional union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, with a similar structure to the European Union. Although the idea has been discussed and proposed in academic and scholarly circles, officials from all three nations have said that there are no government plans to create such an union. On this website you can learn everything about the NAU and all the reasons of the author of the site to be against it. Here you can find related news, articles, quotes, and videos against the NAU. You can also find calls to action in order to stop this union. In order to stay updated with all what is posted in the site, you can get here a free subscription to its email newsletter. Finally, if you wish to support the author of the site, you can make an online donation. – Anti NAU Website


Author : Liam Gray

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